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Make every page beautiful, seamless, and you.

Printed media technology has been with us a long time, and for good reason. Books, magazines, and newspapers are simple, sturdy, and require no special equipment to read. But they also have limitations, particularly in the digital age: they absorb a lot of physical space, their formatting is rigid and unchangeable, and they lack personalization. Ebooks and online media have improved upon some of these limitations, for example, by providing cloud storage. But opportunities for personalization are still limited.

Our technology breaks open the possibilities for electronic media, because it’s based on you. Using advanced sensing technology to detect your reactions to what you read, our system personalizes content accordingly. Imagine reading an article online when you approach a difficult section. You furrow your brow, you re-read the troublesome paragraph. Our technology analyzes your facial expression and reading cadence, and automatically adds more explanatory content to the article to help you make sense of what you’re reading.

Or maybe you come across an illustration you particularly love. You smile and your eyes widen. Our technology detects your expression and can then weave additional, similar illustrations right into the article.


You also have more opportunities to interact with the material, because you can add annotations your way—as text, image, or video. As you read, you can view annotations from others too, such as experts, critics, friends, and other readers. You may also change your screen size or tilt it from portrait to landscape.


Based on your activities and your reactions, our technology could dynamically change and synthesize the content, such as image, text, and video, to react fluidly to you on the page, producing an engaging consolidation of information you value the most.


With our technology, you experience an exciting combination of content from authors that’s also truly personalized to you.

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