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In general terms, this IpLearn solution provides an environment for users to work and learn together as a group. The solution could monitor and analyze user inputs, such as assessing their understanding and contributions to group discussion. Through monitoring the users, the solution could facilitate the process and enhance user interactions.

The facilitated group interactions provide a stimulating yet focused environment for the users. In addition, users also benefit from processes and materials that could be tailored to their individual needs.

Features include:

  • Facilitating group learning and communication by, for example, scheduling interaction, guiding user dialogue, and restricting user communication when necessary.

  • Allowing breakout sessions where some of the users can interact among themselves privately.

  • Allowing users to communicate using different media, such as text, audio, and video.

  • Enabling users to share documents during a dialogue session.

  • Enabling users to see changes in the shared materials as changes are made.

  • Monitoring and analyzing user inputs, such as communication frequency and relevance in a group dialogue session, and performance on tests.

  • Determining when a user is dominating or disrupting a group discussion, or when the group is off-topic, and providing suggestions accordingly.

  • Communicating with users to help them focus, or to assist them individually.

  • Determining user characteristics, such as confidence, learning attitude, and strengths and weaknesses in an area.

  • Providing materials that could be tailored to each user.

  • Allowing each user to work on materials provided individually.

  • Determining who can and cannot enter a group session based on information, such as user profile, entrance assessment, administrator consent, and group consent.

  • Providing an environment for users to take and save notes, and to bookmark and link the notes to materials presented during the dialogue session.

  • Guiding users to take notes, for example, by providing an outline to assist note taking.

  • Storing materials presented with the corresponding communications for later retrieval.

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