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Welcome to IpLearn.

Your life online should be immediate, relevant, and personal. Whether you want to read and learn, explore your social networks, navigate your career, or grow your business, our technology personalizes those experiences, and changes as you do.
We merge media together seamlessly to form content that centers your interests and embraces the fleeting present, shifting as the human memory—and human relationships—shift. We bring people together, in the moment, to form connections that foster learning, further careers, and cultivate customers. Introduce yourself to a world where what you view, learn, and aspire to achieve are shaped as you change.
We want to transform your landscape of interaction, from the content you consume to the connections you make. Sharing with friends, engaging with information, and forging new professional relationships should be flexible, natural, and personal experiences. Instead of offering linear content where users flip through static pages, we empower users to immerse themselves in dynamic content that combines media, continuously adjusting to their locales, connections, interests, and behaviors. Our smart technology also connects you to the right people at the right time—to learn something new or prepare you for the next career opportunity.
We are the only ones with decades of expertise in the creation of patented technology that can make this a reality.

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