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Peter Tong

Peter Tong is a co-founder of IpLearn. His interests range from technological innovations to patent protection and monetization. After earning his BS from the University of Hawaii, he attended Caltech and earned his MS and PhD, all in electrical engineering. He also holds a JD/MBA from Santa Clara University.
Prior to IpLearn, Peter developed microwave instruments and devices at HP, where he also practiced patent law. In addition, he co-founded Mindfabric, a software company in natural-language search.
Peter is the co-inventor of more than a hundred US patents. He has been involved in practically all aspects of patents, including prosecution, licensing, and litigation.
Peter believes it is important to keep learning. Technology impacts all aspects of our society, and he finds it critical to understand and focus on the right markets. He is actively involved in organizing a Caltech monthly speaker series in Silicon Valley to teach alumni about a variety of technological subjects.

Chi Fai Ho

IpLearn's co-founder, Chi Fai, is currently President and co-founder of Smartpeering Inc., specializing in mobile apps for video delivery. Prior to Smartpeering, he was CEO and founder of Peopletech, an Internet TV start-up. Additional experience includes serving as the CTO of Ethernet Product of Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., Vice President of Engineering for Tidal Networks, Senior Director at Nokia Networks, Vice President of Engineering for Amber Networks, Manager and Scientist at Network Equipment Technology, and technical positions with Cisco and Unisys. Before venturing into industry, he was an Associate Professor at California State University, Hayward. Additionally, Ho has over 60 U.S. patents granted in the areas of digital media, telecommunication, networking, Internet search and e-learning. He received his BS degree from California State University, Hayward, and his PhD degree from Caltech.


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