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Advertising Contents Built on Mobile Devices 
Based on Social Networks
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In this era of online marketing, the market has shifted dramatically from conventional ad campaigns to more targeted and—ideally—inexpensive branding. The infinite accessibility of the Internet makes it increasingly difficult to not only catch a consumer’s attention, but keep it. In the quest for making specific but inexpensive advertising, we have designed a solution.


Our technology helps a company dynamically adjust their advertising content for targeted audiences according to their customers’ personal information and social networks, thus providing a specially tailored and wholly unique advertising experience. And the technology can be implemented entirely in the customers’ mobile devices.


For example, suppose a user visits Nike’s Instagram page with her mobile device. While scrolling throughout their recent posts, the user selects one that directs her to an article on a recently victorious marathon runner. As she scrolls down the article, a commercial on Nike’s trail running shoes plays, specifically chosen because many of her friends have recently viewed the same advertisement. The original video is modified to show Nike’s Air Zoom line; the same ad playing on another user’s device could show him a different line more specific to his interests.


To create the specifically tailored viewing experience, the content is modified based on the user’s profile, created on the mobile device itself. The profile can include information from a multitude of sources, including, for example, the user’s Facebook, Instagram, demographic information, and other available channels.


Our goal is more than just advertising—it’s brand building. With our dynamic content aggregating and modifying technology, a company can gear its message to its audience with incredible specificity, thus forming a meaningful and lasting connection with their customers.

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