Every page unfolds based on your interest, locations, 
and social networks.

By aggregating data according to your interest, social networks, and current locations, our technology generates the perfect story for you and continues adding to it throughout the day. You can share your unique story with your friends, who can enjoy and share the story with their networks.


Imagine you’re following a national news story that impacts different regions of the country (or even the world). You’re most interested in how the national events are unfolding locally, so that you can assess their impact on you and your networks. If the news pertains to university admissions systems, you’re likely more interested in local universities and how their academic and sports programs are affected.


After our technology identifies your interest in the news event, a story is automatically generated for you. If you’re located in Palo Alto, you’ll see news about Stanford’s involvement emphasized over Yale’s. You might see information regarding athletic policies, or about corrupted coaches and how long they’ve worked at Stanford, as well as the performance of their teams. You’ll receive information about students objecting to how admissions have been mishandled, whether the students have taken legal measures, and what fields they study.

Enjoying content on your device doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. A feed for your story can unfold not just based on your location, but also on your friends, bringing new immersive experiences across your mobile devices. 


If any friend in your social media networks is involved in the university news story and discusses admissions processes, that information is also aggregated and sent to you. With our technology, the story becomes highly personalized, current, and dynamic, and the content brings you closer to your networks.

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If you show interest in healthy living and if you’re in an expensive neighborhood, our technology can automatically generate a story for you including reviews of more expensive restaurants. If you’ve expressed preference in Japanese and Italian cuisines, your results are filtered based on restaurants that serve sushi or pasta. You might also see local bike and hiking trails.


If you are visiting Honolulu, and your Facebook network is full of discussions on beaches, you’ll see a story with opportunities for snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and discussions on good deals from Ala Moana Center. Your feed can be time-sensitive, based on current events like a concert, a parade, or a gallery exhibit around the time of your visit, contributing to the content and shaping the elements of the story. The feed also can show an urgent event, such as a brutal shark attack, in your local story.


For travelers, the user’s device can become a personal tour guide, introducing new experiences by placing location-specific information into your selected literature. As the content changes with your location and your networks, stories become more personalized, vivid, and engaging.