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A story that dynamically unfolds based on your interests, locations, 
and social networks 

Our technology composes the perfect story or series of stories for you in your mobile phone and continues adding to it throughout the day. By aggregating data according to your interests, social networks, and current locations, the story is current, relevant, and tailored just for you. You can even share the story with your friends, who can enjoy and share it with their networks.


Your personalized story can take the form of a tour guide, introducing you to new experiences wherever you are. Imagine you’re traveling in Hawaii and you see a post on social media about an influencer’s morning visit to nearby Honolua Bay. When you view the post, your personalized story might add content about Mahana Ridge Trail, a hiking area close to your location that offers a panoramic view of Honolua Bay. Or perhaps you’re visiting San Francisco when you see the post about Honolua Bay. Then, your personalized story may add content suggesting a nearby Hawaiian restaurant on Geary Boulevard.

As illustrated above, your personalized story can also offer you customized content when you’re closer to home. If you’ve expressed preference for Japanese and Italian cuisines, your story may include information about restaurants in your neighborhood that serve sushi or pasta. And if you have an interest in healthy living, you might also see local bike and hiking trails.


Your story can be time-sensitive, based on current and upcoming events like a concert, a parade, or a gallery exhibit, contributing to the content and shaping the story. The feed can also show an urgent event, such as a nearby police chase, in your local story.

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Your story can also incorporate a major news event that impacts different regions of the country, or even the world. If you’re most interested in how the national events are unfolding locally, our technology identifies your interest in the event and your location, and automatically composes a story for you.

So, if you’re interested in college admissions issues and you are in Palo Alto, you’ll see content about Berkeley or Stanford emphasized over Yale. And if any friend in your social networks discusses college admissions, that content is added to your story too.

With our technology, the story or series of stories change based on wherever you are, whatever you’re interested in, and what’s going on in your social networks. It brings you content that’s highly personalized, current, and dynamic, and brings you closer to the people and things you care about most.

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