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A customer has just bought your product: a foldable phone. Like all mobile devices, users can view just about anything—from shopping sites to movies to social media—but now with dual or expandable displays, a customer’s experience can be more accommodating and intuitive than ever.

Your customer opens her package and boots it up, feeling excited. Time for a test run. She logs into her email, remembering to reply to her boss’s request from earlier that morning. She turns the phone sideways, the keyboard does display on the bottom as promised, but now she can only read half the email. One of her most exciting purchases of the month has just disappointed her in the simplest way possible.

Screen layout is a vital piece to the puzzle of foldable phones, particularly because of the many possible display sizes and orientations. With such incredible technology already on the market, customers expect a seamless experience, especially when their product comes at a hefty price tag. We offer patented technologies for foldable phones to layout screens of different sizes in a cohesive and intuitive presentation, no matter which way you hold or fold it.


For example, suppose you’re watching a live-streamed soccer game with subtitles in the unfolded or main screen of a foldable phone in portrait mode. Wanting to see player statistics, you rotate the phone to landscape. Due to the change in screen size and the desire for player statistics, the phone accesses additional content and re-arranges them accordingly: the main screen’s top portion shows the game with subtitles, while the bottom shows player statistics and past scores.

And suppose you are shopping online with the folded or cover screen in portrait mode, showing product details with texts, images, and animations. To see user comments and critiques, you unfold the phone. The left side of the main screen still shows the product details, with the right side bringing in customer reviews, such as from TikTok, Instagram or Snap regarding the product, significantly increasing the mobile shopping experience.

Or, you’re reading a travel site with text and videos in the cover screen in portrait mode. To draft your trip itinerary, you unfold the phone, expanding to the main screen. The left portion of the main screen still shows the travel site, while the right serves as a virtual keyboard. With our patented technologies, the transition is quick and seamless.

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