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Enhanced Network Access

The quest for high bandwidth and low latency is over!

We present Enhanced Network Access Point (ENAP), a network waypoint using a local area network to ensure your customers, employees, or students get the content they need without the unnecessary struggle for speed and limited bandwidth.

For example, suppose a customer takes a walk to his favorite Starbucks. While there, he decides to continue watching his favorite trendy “Revenge of the Ninja” series from Netflix. Rather than accessing the video via the Internet, his phone uses the Starbucks app to connect to that location’s ENAP, which links him to Netflix via the Internet. The customer is a Netflix subscriber, and Netflix knows the episode in the series he just finished watching. Netflix also knows he loves to watch videos at that Starbucks. So, Netflix has pre-loaded the series to the ENAP. Since it would be much more efficient if he gets the content from the ENAP, instead of via the Internet, he is directed to get the video from there. Then, the ENAP sends the next episode in the series for him to watch. Meanwhile, another patron is enjoying her favorite Food Network show, again from the ENAP. Neither has any trouble with delay or picture quality.

After his break, the employee returns to headquarters. Upon arrival, he learns that Techie Lane has requested its hundreds of employees to watch a video of the CEO introducing the company’s newest product, the MangoBot. Rather than force all employees to struggle with limited bandwidth, the company makes the video available on its ENAP so that every employee near the campus can access it with ease on their individual devices.

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