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Reaching the right people in the right places is essential to expanding your business, whether cultivating customers or recruiting new talent. The right customers, or the right job hunters, increasingly spend their time consuming online content. That’s why our technology not only allows users to freely access a variety of content, but also helps companies effectively reach their target audience. 
With our technologies, your audience is not just expanded, but refined. Companies can review customers’ activities and preferences. From these valuable insights, companies can then create and deliver targeted advertisements for their products and services. They can further use this data to analyze the market for their products and direct their promotional materials to the most responsive audience.
For example, a user might browse her social network and show interest in toys for her new dog. As she views posts, comments, or articles about dog toys, our cloud-based system captures the subject area, any particular product features she reads about, and the amount of time she spends. Our system can then alert companies that are interested in this type of customer, and deliver advertisements for the products that most interest her.

Or maybe you are looking to bring new talent onto your team. Our technology can also provide users a choice to opt in to a recruitment feature. By tracking the activity and interests of those users, the system can offer companies an intelligently-identified pool of candidates interested in new career opportunities, potentially including their personal or professional information, and the ability to contact good matches directly.

So while users obtain information conveniently at their own pace, time, and locale, our solution provides crucial feedback to companies, allowing them to fine-tune their products, create more successful ads, and reach the right people. By identifying and delivering user preferences to companies, our solution alleviates the burden of time and money, so that companies can recruit the best people and more effectively create great products their customers want.


Track usage. Grow Business.
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