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Automatically matching jobs, candidates, and job training.

Employers need the best people to fill their open positions. Job hunters want new, challenging opportunities. Our technology facilitates the best matches between employers and job candidates, and even provides training to get candidates up to speed for their new positions.

Employers can use the system to search for candidates based on profile information, location, available training, and candidate preferences. Candidates can be prioritized by best match, with results automatically updated when candidates edit their profiles or change jobs. The system can also indicate how much training each candidate needs, and provide appropriate training materials.

Likewise, job hunters can use our technology to find the best jobs for them. Results can be prioritized based on the user’s preferences, and can be automatically updated when the user completes new training or makes profile edits. If a position requires training, the system can provide learning materials to prepare the candidate for the new opportunity.

Our technology also facilitates communication between employers and candidates, ensuring that well-matched companies and job hunters can bring their connection into the real world.

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